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Couples Counselling and Marriage Counselling

“Love is a vessel that contains both security and adventure, and commitment offers one of the great luxuries of life: time. Marriage is not the end of romance, it is the beginning."


Couples Counselling Online

Our highly qualified online couples therapists and marriage counsellors use the Gottman approach when providing online relationship therapy to couples. Gottman Method Couples Therapy draws on the knowledge of 40 years of research and clinical practice to help couples break through barriers, and improve the level of connection, intimacy and understanding within their relationships. Online Gottman Method Couples Therapy is structured, evidence-based, and goal-oriented. The interventions used in online couples counselling were developed as a result of research data, from a study conducted by Dr Gottman on more than 3000 couples.


Rejuvenating Relationships

Couples seek online couples counselling for all kinds of reasons. You may be feeling disconnected from your partner, find yourself arguing over things that never bothered you before; you may feel unheard and misunderstood; or you may feel that your partner doesn’t understand your perspective. You may have recently discovered that your partner has been having an affair or you have been thinking about separating.  

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Relationship Changes

Couples often seek out couples counselling or attend workshops online to strengthen their relationship. You may want to improve your communication skills or develop strategies for connection.

You may be aware that your relationship is about to go through an important transition: you may be recently engaged or married, you may be preparing for parenthood or getting ready to have a baby, your kids may be finishing school or you may be about to retire. Many couples seek couples counselling to strengthen their relationship as a means of future proofing their relationship against stressful transitions.

Trained in Online Relationship Therapy & Marriage Counselling

At Stirling Psychology we support our online marriage counsellors and couples therapists to work within their chosen focus areas.

We believe working with couples requires specialist skills and psychologists who provide online couples counselling should complete specific relationship therapy training. All of our online couples therapists have completed evidence-based training in relationship / marriage counselling.

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