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“Manning up in the past was to suffer in silence. Manning up now is to put your hand up."


"You don't need to be brave, you need to be courageous, and to be courageous you have to let your guard down and be open."

Men and women often deal with emotions in quite different ways. When upset, women are more likely to express their feelings directly and to seek support, whereas men may hide their emotions or withdraw. Increasingly men are seeking out psychologists online. Many brave men have shared their stories of male depression publicly with the hope of normalising men’s mental health so that other men may also seek help. To find out more about famous men who have shared their experiences click here.

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What to Expect

Even though many men want help they might have misconceptions about what seeing a psychologist is like or not know what to expect. Men often haven’t had the opportunity to talk about their worries.

It’s normal to feel anxious about attending an online psychology appointment or coming into our Mornington psychology practice for the first time. However, we find once men have completed their first online therapy or face to face psychology session, they will often say they feel relieved and it was good to talk to someone who is not a part of their everyday life.

You can rest assured although some of the things you are experiencing are pretty “heavy” and yes we will probably get you “to talk about your feelings”, our online therapists and Mornington psychologists also know how to have a laugh and you will learn practical tools to better manage stress and your mood.

“I believe in the healing power of laughter. I believe laughter forces us to breathe.”


The Challenges Men Face

You may feel that you need to be self-reliant and provide for your family, and expressing your feelings “won’t help anyone”.

You may have grown up hearing phrases like ‘chin up’, ‘pull your socks up’, "man up", "don't cry". Many men have experienced fathers who were emotionally distant, who rarely, if ever, cried or expressed affection outwardly.

You may not know how to “connect with your feelings” or “talk about how you are feeling”, so it makes sense that the idea of speaking with an online psychologist or visiting our Mornington psychology practice may feel daunting initially, but it’s important you know that these are the things we are here to help you with.

Despite what you might think psychologists are just imperfect humans too, with their own challenges. We know how hard it can be to take that first step but rest assured our psychologists & Mornington Peninsula support team are here to guide you through the process and work together to acheive the outcomes you are looking for.

Why do men go to therapy?

At Stirling Psychology, our online and mornington psychologists see men for all different reasons. You may be stressed and overwhelmed by the demands of work or struggling with financial issues. You may want a space to air your frustrations and problem solve.

You may be struggling with the overwhelming demands of work and parenthood or having problems in your relationships. You may have recently gone through a big transition - you may have set up your own business, started a new job, want to leave your current role, or you may have recently retired.

You may find you are having difficulty concentrating or are struggling to make decisions. You may be feeling anxious, depressed, stressed or overwhelmed. You may just feel like you need to talk to someone about the things you are struggling with or may want to develop skills in a particular area.

Speak to an Online Psychologist Wherever You Are

Many men find online therapy suits their needs better than face-to-face therapy. Speaking to an online psychologist offers the flexibility to access help from anywhere in Australia at a time convenient for you.

We recognise the importance of offering high quality online psychology services, particularly for men who work across different locations or travel frequently. Some men feel uncomfortable walking into a psychology practice and appreciate the security and privacy that online therapy offers. Whereas others appreciate being able to access an online psychologist easily at a time that works for them e.g., on a lunch break or straight after work.

Partners in Mental Health

Stirling Psychology is committed to increasing awareness and supporting men to access the help they need. We have been fortunate to work in partnership with HALT (Hope Assistance Local Tradies) and feel privileged to be acknowledged as the first HALT friendly psychologists, working in partnership to improve men's mental health. You can find out more about HALT here.

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