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Individuals seek out Mornington Peninsula psychologists for numerous reasons. You may have felt depressed, anxious, or angry for a long time or have just noticed early signs and symptoms.

You may want help from a Mornington psychologist as you navigate major life transitions and challenges such as starting a new job, becoming a parent, redundancy, moving to a new area, or coming out of a long-term relationship. You may want to develop greater self-awareness and are wanting to engage in individual therapy for your own personal development. Our Mornington Peninsula psychologists are trained to work with clients who seek individual counselling for a variety of reasons including adults who may be experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma/ PTSD, grief/ bereavement, low self-esteem, relationship issues, marital difficulties, postnatal depression/ anxiety, antenatal depression/ anxiety, significant life stressors, and adjustment to changes in life circumstances.

Individualised, Collaborative Care

Individual psychological therapy is a process where clients work one on one with a Mornington Peninsula psychologist in a safe, supportive, and confidential environment.

The purpose of counselling may include to explore your thoughts, feelings, and/or behaviours; work through challenging life events; process past trauma; identify areas of your life you would like to improve; develop a better understand of yourself and others; develop skills in a particular area; establish personal goals; and work toward implementing change.


Supportive & Empowering

Our Mornington psychologists have a warm, caring and engaging approach to counselling and provide a safe and supportive environment for their clients. Beginning with a thorough assessment, your Mornington psychologist will work collaboratively with you to establish treatment goals, and tailor treatment to your individual needs. They will also work closely with other Mornington Peninsula health professionals to provide optimal care.

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Evidence-based change

As a skilled and experienced psychologist, your Mornington Peninsula psychologist utilises various evidence-based therapeutic approaches to help you achieve your goals. Counselling at our Mornington Psychology practice may include the use of cognitive, behavioural, interpersonal and mindfulness based approaches, while allowing space to explore and develop insight.

Our Mornington psychologists draw on evidence-based theories including attachment and psychodynamic theories, to help understand the problems at hand. Stirling Psychologists Mornington recognise the delicate balance between following your lead, providing you space to explore issues, and your desire for direction and expert input.

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