Annamariya Hurducas: Online Psychologist 

Online Psychologist Annamariya Hurducas

Annamariya Hurducas


BSocSc GradDipProPsych MProfPsych


Annamariya is an online psychologist who enjoys working with adolescents and adults; providing a safe and nurturing environment, empowering clients to achieve their goals. She has extensive experience in online therapy across community, government and organisational settings, supporting clients to improve their overall wellbeing and life circumstances. Annamariya has a special interest in online therapy with adolescents and adults experiencing insomnia, eating disorders, and anger issues. She has experience working with adolescents and adults who present with a range of challenges including depression, anxiety, trauma and grief and loss.

 Annamariya believes in the importance of developing strong connections, and taking time to understand her clients’ needs to help improve insight and identify more adaptive ways to manage life stressors and psychological conditions.

 Annamariya currently is only available for online therapy sessions and does not provide in person psychology appointments.


Annamariya completed a Bachelor of Social Science, with a Major in Psychology and Forensic Science, and minor in Criminology at Swinburne University. Annamariya then completed a Graduate Diploma of Professional Psychology at Monash University. She later completed a Master of Professional Psychology at Monash University.  Annamariya’s level of education and training led to her receiving registration as a Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia.


Annamariya has a keen interest in increasing resilience and self-efficacy to help prevent the development of serious psychological disorders, as well as supporting individuals living with these conditions. Her thesis examined intrapersonal factors in parents of young children, which showed that optimism, and perceived control of internal states were found to enhance the adjustment of parents of young children. These findings inform her understanding and therapeutic approach when providing online therapy to clients.


Annamariya has an open, warm disposition and believes in the importance of being attuned to the needs of her clients. She brings a wealth of knowledge, understanding and care to online therapy. She cares about how her clients feel and ensures she creates a safe online therapy space to empower clients to discuss challenging experiences. Annamariya also has the unique ability to effortlessly connect with people from all walks of life.

 Annamariya has a holistic approach when supporting clients, and utilises evidence-based interventions to assist in improving overall wellbeing and increasing positive life outcomes. She draws from various therapeutic techniques that match her client’s needs. As an online psychologist Annamariya utilises a range of therapeutic modalities including: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Schema Therapy and Mindfulness based practices.

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