Andrea Costa: Online Clinical Psychologist

Andrea Costa


BSc (Psych.). (Honors). MPsych(Clin) MAPS CCP


Andrea has enjoyed 20 years working with clients privately, as well as 15 years working within the private hospital system as a Senior Clinical Psychologist and Allied Health Manager. Andrea has designed therapy programs tailored to individual’s and couple’s unique needs. Andrea has written manuals and implemented group therapy programs for people experiencing mood, post-traumatic, anxiety, and relationship difficulties, primarily for clients receiving treatment in the mental health and mother- baby units.

Andrea has also delivered training and psycho-educational workshops for both staff and family members and has provided debriefing following critical events across many roles. Andrea speaks Greek fluently and has provided many services within this community.

Andrea emphasises providing a supportive and nurturing environment where clients feel safe and supported to explore their thoughts, feelings and experiences to gain understanding, clarity and insight.

Andrea offers online therapy, she does not provide face to face psychology appointments. 


Andrea is a registered Clinical Psychologist. She was invited to join the College of Clinical Psychologists at the Australian Psychological Society. Andrea completed a Bachelor of Science followed by Honours in Psychology, before completing her Masters in Clinical Psychology.


Andrea has provided workshops to primary and secondary schools based on improving the resilience of children and managing the various anxieties associated with these developmental years. She has also assisted teachers to understand their students’ difficulties through the provision of psycho-education and skills-training.


Andrea is currently completing her PhD in the field of trauma, resilience, post-traumatic stress, and personality disorders. This has facilitated greater insight and skills in her clinical work with individuals facing these conditions. .


Andrea's warm, genuine, and compassionate approach to therapy allows her clients to feel safe and comfortable in the therapeutic environment. Andrea is passionate about helping individuals and their families to understand the difficulties faced by their loved ones, and to help them gain skills to support and promote recovery. Andrea has a strong desire to promote the development of positive self-esteem, resilience and coping strategies.

Andrea cares about people, and operates with unconditional positive regard, respect, inclusion and acceptance of all. Andrea’s approach to online therapy is collaborative, and tailored to each clients’ individual needs.

Andrea offers online therapy, she does not provide face to face psychology appointments at our Mornington psychology practice.

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