How to increase connection in your relationships by doing the “little things”.

Imagine for a moment our relationship is like a car. We need fuel for our car to be able to work effectively, the same applies to our relationship we need fuel in the tank for our relationship to run smoothly. When our relationship tank is low, resentment can build in our relationship. We may become frustrated more easily, we might start to feel disconnected from our partner or we might find feelings of loneliness emerge. When our tank is empty we could shift into negative sentiment override and begin focussing on all the negative aspects of our relationship

Understanding fight flight freeze and how to better regulate to communicate.

What is the Fight Flight Freeze response? And how does it apply to relationships?
Find a greater understanding to your response to couple conflict, and learn the skills to manage and over come the fight flight and freeze in your relationship.
Dr. Katie Stirling breaks down the importance of taking a break, and how you and your partner can be using the 7 steps to an effective break in your relationship. 

One simple thing you can do to start feeling more positively towards your partner.

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