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Inclusive, Individualised Mental Health & Wellbeing Services

Stirling Psychology is committed to LGBTIA+ inclusion. Being inclusive requires action as well as words. We believe that an LGBTIA+ inclusive service is one that meets the specific needs of each client, taking into account their lived experience of gender identity, sexual orientation or intersex status. It challenges assumptions and stereotypes about gender and sexually diverse minorities. LGBTIA+ people are welcomed and encouraged to seek support where they will never experience judgement or discrimination, because of their gender identity, sexuality, or intersex status. These are the values that the team at Stirling Psychology will continue to demonstrate and support.

Accessible, inclusive and equitable healthcare is a fundamental human right. However, for LGBTI people, health and wellbeing remains an area where significant disparity still exists between LGBTI Australians and their non-LGBTI peers. These health disparities directly impact the potential for LGBTI people to live life to their full potential as healthy, happy, productive and contributing members of society. Breaking down the obstacles to better health and wellbeing for LGBTI Australians means enthusiastically embracing an inclusive approach to all health care that is open, non-judgmental, responsive to the unique needs of individuals, and validates their experiences and dignity.

– Nic Parkhill ACON CEO

Supportive and Empowering

Our Mornington team of health professionals have an open, warm and engaging approach to treatment and provide a safe and supportive environment for their clients. Beginning with a thorough assessment to understand your individual experience, your health care professional will work collaboratively with you to establish treatment goals, and tailor treatment to your individual needs. They will also work closely with other health professionals to provide optimal care.

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Inclusive, Individualised Mental Health & Wellbeing Services

As a skilled and experienced professional, your psychologist utilises various evidence-based therapeutic approaches to help you achieve your goals. Treatment may include the use of cognitive, behavioural, interpersonal and mindfulness based approaches, while allowing space to explore and develop insight.  Our psychologists draw on evidence-based theories including attachment and psychodynamic theories, to help understand the problems at hand. Our Mornington psychologists recognise the delicate balance between following your lead, providing you space to explore issues, and your desire for direction and expert input.

We believe everyone has the capacity for change and therefore, provide an open, supportive environment that nurtures growth.

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