Collaborating with Referring Partners

At Stirling Psychology, we seek to work collaboratively with our referrers. We aim to build a shared understanding of our patient’s treatment needs and progress, to support management of their mental health and overall wellbeing. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time, we welcome any opportunity to discuss the treatment of current, and future patients.  We also welcome and appreciate honest feedback and suggestions for improvement from our referrers.

Who to address Referrals to

At Stirling Psychology we encourage our psychologists to work within their chosen areas of focus as this enables them to stay up to date with the latest research, information and treatments available; and in turn increases the quality of care for our patients. To this end we ask that where appropriate you refer clients to “Stirling Psychology” (as opposed to an individual psychologist) to assist us in linking your client with a psychologist whose skills and experience matches your patients’ needs.

High Quality- Evidenced Based Treatment

We are committed to providing high quality evidence-based treatment grounded in thorough assessment processes. Our Mornington Psychologists all use evidence-based treatments (see practitioner profiles for information about education, training, and areas of focus).  We treat perinatal patients (mums, dads and infants), couples, and individual adults (18years +), experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues. We support gender diversity.

Thorough Assessment

We provide an extended (65 mins) initial appointment to ensure a thorough clinical assessment to determine a diagnosis and formulation, and develop (collaboratively with the patient) the best approach to meeting their goals. You can rest assured that following assessment if your patient’s practitioner identifies they are not the most appropriate health professional to treat your patient they will link them with the right health professional or service to ensure optimum care. We will also communicate with you if we think additional psychiatric or specialist support may be of benefit.

Medicare Funding

There are 4 main sources of Medicare Mental Health funding that your Mornington Peninsula patients may be eligible to access with an appropriate referral from you.

Mental Health Care Plan

Under a Mental Health Treatment Plan patients can claim up to 10 Individual therapy sessions and an addition 10 group therapy sessions. A review will need to be completed by their GP every 6 sessions and referrals are valid for 12 months.

You can find more information about GP Mental Health Treatment Medicare Items here, including patient eligibility, review of a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan and all the relevant Medicare Items GPs can claim under this scheme.

Pregnancy Support Counselling

At Stirling Psychology some of our Mornington psychologists have completed specialised training that enables them to offer services under the perinatal non-directive counselling program which provides Medicare Rebates for individuals who have any personal concerns about a current or recent pregnancy. Medicare offers rebates for up to 3 pregnancy support counselling sessions for a person who is currently pregnant or who has been pregnant in the preceding 12 months.

Any GP may refer clients under this program, via a signed and dated letter. Please note, unlike the mental health care plan you do not need to have a diagnosable mental health condition to access this funding. See the Department of Health’s website for more information on this program. You can also find more information on the Australian Psychological Society website.

Eating Disorders

On November 1st 2019 the Australian government realised new Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) item numbers to support a model of evidence-based treatment for eligible patients who have an eating disorder. Patients can access up to 40 psychological treatment services and 20 dietician sessions.

These item numbers are specifically for patients with anorexia nervosa or with severe presentations of other eating disorders including bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and other specified feed and eating disorders (OSFED). You can find more information about the new Medicare items here.

Chronic Disease Management/ Enhanced Care Plan

The chronic disease management (CDM) Medicare items assist people living with a chronic or complex medical illness to get the support and help they need from allied health professionals including psychologists.

Medicare rebates are available for up to five visits (in total) within a calendar year, to allied health professionals who assist in the treatment and management of chronic diseases. You can find out more information about how this initiative applies to psychological care on the Australian Psychological Society website here. (

Medicare Telehealth Services Funding in Rural & Remote Areas

If your patient lives in a rural or remote area and is eligible for a Mental Health Treatment Plan they can access telehealth or online psychology treatment under Medicare. Psychology treatment online is particularly relevant to clients who may have difficulty travelling to appointments, where they are known to the psychologist in their local area, or where local psychologists have not completed specialist training in their area of need.

As part of our ongoing commitment to accessible care, we offer psychology treatment online and have established Stirling Connections to offer secure video psychology consultations with highly qualified, skilled psychologists.

If you would like to access more information about referring clients for telehealth services under Medicare please click here.

To find out if your patient lives in a designated rural, remote or very remote area (classified as MMM4 to 7 under the Modified Monash Model) and may be eligible to receive Medicare funding for online psychology services in Australia please click here.

We believe everyone has the capacity for change and therefore, provide an open, supportive environment that nurtures growth.

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