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Online Perinatal Support

The first 1000 days (conception to 2 yrs) of baby's life are understood to be the most important aspect of your child's development, laying the foundation for your child's future. Stirling connections recognises this important transition and this is why as an online psychology and wellness practice we choose to focus on working with families during the perinatal period. Our warm and caring online psychologists and health professionals are here to support you in all of your health and wellbeing needs throughout your pregnancy and as you transition into becoming a new parent.

Maternal nutrition therapy during pregnancy aims to support parents to ensure babies have the right mix of nutrients in their first 1000 days laying the foundation for their development. Our experienced online dietitian is here to support you in all of your nutritional needs.

Our online perinatal psychologists are available to support your mental health and wellbeing during pregnancy.

Our online relationship therapists are passionate about preparing couples for the transition to parenthood and strengthening their relationship in preparing for the many changes and challenges that lie ahead.

We offer individual and couples therapy online as well as a range of programs, workshops, and retreats targeted at supporting you during your pregnancy and as you and your family transition into parenthood (whether that be for the first or fifth time).

Online Pregnancy Support Counselling

Have you just found our your pregnant? Are you feeling shocked or not knowing what to feel? Have you found out some difficult news about your pregnancy? Are you needing to talk through your options. Our online perinatal psychologists are trained to support you as you make your own decisions.  Medicare rebates may be available for 3 sessions of non-directive pregnancy support counselling. 

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Mental Health in Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be both exciting and terrifying. You may have experienced a difficult journey to get pregnant. Your pregnancy news may have been unexpected. For some men and women depression or anxiety may re-emerge in pregnancy, or perhaps you are pregnant and experiencing antenatal depression or anxiety for the first time.

You may be looking for online therapy to develop coping strategies to reduce the impact of stress or anxiety during your pregnancy. You may want to see an online psychologist as part of preventative approach. You may want to see an online couples counsellor to learn strategies to strengthen your relationship or develop coping skills to reduce the potential impact of postnatal depression or postnatal anxiety.

Common reasons for parents to seek help after childbirth

Antenatal depression

Antenatal anxiety

Unplanned pregnancy

Previous perinatal loss

Feeling isolated

Healthy eating education to support healthy pregnancy and reduce risk of antenatal and postnatal depression

Feeling overwhelmed

Increased sensitivity

Fear of birth

Maintaining couple intimacy

Relationship difficulties

Nutrition for Gestational Diabetes or Food intolerances

Difficulties conceiving

Prevention of Postnatal Depression

Manage nutritional deficiencies

Dietetics for PCOS

Nutrition support for weight management or appropriate weight gain

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Preparing for the Transition to Parenthood

We can’t ever know exactly what to expect when our baby is born. Every birth experience is different and your baby will bring their own temperament and set of needs. It’s impossible to know how you will cope but our online psychologists can help you prepare for the uncertainty of parenthood so that you have the best chance to transition as smoothly as possible.

You might be worried about developing postnatal depression or postnatal anxiety and may want to take a preventative approach or you may want to better manage stress during your pregnancy. We offer online individual counselling as well as online workshops with highly skilled and experienced psychologists to assist in preparing for the transition to parenthood.

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Nutrition Support in Pregnancy

Maternal nutrition therapy in the perinatal period aims to help mothers achieve a health pregnancy and support baby's development. Work with our highly qualified and experienced online dietitian Konsita to meet your, your baby's and the whole family's nutritional needs.

Konsita specialises in maternal and pediatric nutrition and provides healthy eating education to support baby's development and lactation as well as reducing the risk of antenatal depression/ anxiety and postnatal depression/ anxiety. Konsita can provide online dietetic consultations to support you in weight management, food intolerances and with your meal planning needs.

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Nutrition & Dietetic Services Nutrition & Dietetic Services

Strengthening your Relationship

The couple relationship also undergoes its own profound transition during this time. At Stirling Connections we are passionate about prevention and early intervention. You may wish to attend our online Bringing Baby Home Workshop to prepare for the transition to parenthood as a couple or you may want to engage in our online relationship counselling to address issues in your relationship before baby arrives. Our couples retreats provide a great opportunity to combine your baby moon with an intensive couples counselling experience.

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Couples Retreats Couples Retreats

Bringing Baby Home Bringing Baby Home

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