Referring Partners

We believe that everyone has the capacity for change and are committed to providing high quality, actionable help. We do this through evidence-based treatments, grounded in thorough assessment and compassionate, authentic, therapeutic relationships. We recognise that people want a more holistic integrated approach tailored to their individual needs, and that a growing evidence-base supports the effffectiveness of such a model. We provide individual and couples therapy, health and wellbeing consultations, as well as learning and personal development opportunities, face to-face workshops and retreats. With a calm and friendly boutique feel we aim to create a warm and welcoming environment for our clients.

Addressing Referrals

At Stirling Connections we encourage our practitioners to work within their specific areas of focus as this enables them to stay up to date with the latest research, information and treatments available; and in turn increases the quality of care for our patients.

To this end we ask that where appropriate you refer clients to “Stirling Connections” (as opposed to an individual psychologist or dietitian) to assist us in linking your patient with an online psychologist or dietitian whose skills and experience matches your patients’ needs.

Online Treatment Process

You can either fax, email, or post your patient’s referral through to our Mornington Peninsula practice. Once we receive this information we will call the patient and ask them a few questions so we have all the information we need to be able to match them with an appropriately skilled online psychologist or dietitian.

Your patient will be booked in for their first session and they will complete a questionnaire about their current depression, anxiety and stress symptoms before beginning online treatment.

You will receive a letter after their first session letting you know that they have attended.

Our psychologists value the importance of a collaborative approach and understand the importance of your ongoing relationship with your patient. In addition, to keeping you regularly updated they will also make contact if there are any significant changes to the patient’s presentation or any medical concerns.

Thorough Assessments

We provide an extended initial appointment (65mins online psychology or 60mins online dietetics) to ensure a thorough clinical assessment to determine a diagnosis and formulation, and develop (collaboratively with the patient) the best approach to meeting their goals. You can rest assured that following assessment if your patient's telehealth psychologist or dietitian identifies they are not the most appropriate health professional to treat your patient they will link them with the right health professional or service to ensure optimum care. We will also communicate with you if we think additional psychiatric or specialist support may be of benefit.

High Quality Evidencebased Treatment

We are committed to providing high quality evidencebased treatment grounded in thorough assessment processes. Our online psychologists and health and wellbeing professionals all use evidencebased treatments (see practitioner profiles for information about education, training, and areas of speciality). We treat perinatal patients (mums, dads and infants), couples, and individual adults (18years +), experiencing mild to moderate mental health issues. We support gender and cultural diversity

Trusted, Highly Qualified Psychologists

All of our online psychologists are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) and our online dietitians are all accredited practising dietitians accredited by the Dietitians Association of Australia. Our practitioners hold both undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in their respective areas of speciality (e.g., Masters, PhD, Doctorate). Our telehealth psychologists and dietitians are carefully selected and participate in ongoing training, professional development, and supervision. The Stirling team are committed to their ongoing learning and staying up to date with the latest research and treatment approaches. Our practitioners believe in an integrative, evidence-based approach to treatment.

Medicare Telehealth Services Funding in Rural & Remote Areas Treatment Process

If your patient lives in a rural or remote area and are eligible for a Mental Health Treatment Plan, Eating Disorder Plan, or Bushfire Recovery they can access telehealth or online psychology or dietitian treatment under Medicare. Psychology treatment online is particularly relevant to clients who may have difficulty travelling to appointments, where they are known to the psychologist in their local area, or where local psychologists have not completed specialist training in their area of need.

As part of our ongoing commitment to accessible care we offer secure video counselling consultations with highly qualified, skilled psychologists and dietitians. If you would like to access more information about referring clients for telehealth services under Medicare please click here.

To find out if your patient lives in a designated rural, remote or very remote area (classified as MMM4 to 7 under the Modified Monash Model) and may be eligible to receive Medicare funding for telehealth counselling in Australia please click here.

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